Friday, November 23

Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Certainly Red and Really Red

Another lipstick product review again?!! I know right and I still have a  lot to share lol. Actually I've been eyeing on MAC Russian Red and since it is still out of stock a month ago I just grab these two from Revlon.

Both color really looks good on me specially with out make up, you can even apply them to get to get another shades of red closes to Russian Red. Hehehe... Both Lipstick cost me 350 or 399 php. A good lipstick with a perfect price. For just one coat, you'll get the same lipstick shade of the actual lipstick it self, unlike the others, you have to put 2-3 coat to get it.

So how about you girls have you tried this na? And what do you think about their fire and ice?

Friday, October 12

Product Review: NYX Matte Lipstick in Angel, Sweet Pink and Shocking Pink

At long last I finally found my perfect Matte lipstick. Why I say its perfect? Because, it really suits me! Got a lot of compliment wearing these 3 lovely lipstick. Sorry if I can't post any FOTD wearing these lipstick, I have no time to take pictures of myself before going to work and this is one of my advance Christmas gift for  myself hehehe...  SO here's my 3 lovely new babies....

Angel and Sweet Pink
Angel and Sweet Pink is my everyday lipstick. I can wear them w/o any make up. And what I love about sweet pink, it has a touch of pink and violet. L♥ve it!

Shocking pink
I usually wear shocking pink with liquid eyeliner, mascara and if I am wearing bright color clothes, perfect match! Good thing Digital Traincase is just near in our place, I can easily go there and grab there lipsticks! Looking for affordable NYX Matte Lipstick, try to visit Digital Traincase or you can also browse there website.

Eton Corinthian Cyberpod
Beside Robinson Galleria

Thursday, September 6

Garnier Pure Active Anti-imperfection cooling roll on

Hello everyone, I miss blogging again! Getting sick and tired with my stressful and boring work. And I was planning of looking for another company again. Grrr.... stress!! so hate it! Anyway, let me share to you   my new pimple fighting buddy, I was suppose to grad Garnier Clear pen gel pero they're no  longer selling it because they change it to Garnier Pure Active Anti-imperfection cooling roll on. O diba ang haba!!! 

I bought this product for Php.199 at watson. This product really help me dry my pimples and no irritation for me. This is 5/5 for Garnier product.  I recommend this product to everyone.

How about you? Have you tried it na?

Friday, August 3

Product Review: Maybelline Color Sensational in Coral Crush

It's been a month since I last post a review here on my blog. I've been a ghost readers for a month and so lazy posting something. Maybe because there's a lot of thing in my life that I really need to prioritize and blogging is next. And here's my 2nd Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick and now its in coral crush.

And it will be the same review, like what I have from my previous post.

What I like about...
  • Very Pigmented
  • Smells like vanilla
  • Long lasting
  • Very moisturizing and it didn't dry my lips.
What I don't like:
  •  Can't think of anything yet...
Rating: 4/5

The good bits about this kind of shade, it really brightens my face and It matches most of my clothes.

How about you? Have you tried it?

Robinson's Galleria Department Store

Monday, July 2

Product Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Fifth Ave. Fuchsia

Ever since I started reviewing make-up. most of the lipstick that I bought are matte, though there are some moisturizing one but most of them don't last long. Until I found another great find  from Maybelline. My first ever maybelline lipstick.

Maybelline color sensational lipstick in Fifth Ave. Fuchsia cost me Php 399.00, I know it was bit expensive but I can't sleep that's why my partner bought it. Thank you da....

What I like about...

Tuesday, June 26

Get a sexy look with Wet n Wild Sugar Plum

Hi ladies, I would like to share to you my new lippie best friend. Like what I've mentioned before on this post  <-- click this, Wet n Wild was gone for a while but they're back with a new and amazing lipstick color.

Wet n wilk matte lipstick is definitely a good choice for me, because it has a long lasting effect and it never smudge. This cost 299php, wearable and can be match with different types of clothes. The first time I wear it, most of my colleague ask if I can buy one for them but unfortunately this color is so rare to be found. Like what the sales lady told me they're just getting stocks for this once in a year, I don't know how true it is but on the time I grab this there's only one left. I love it because it doesn't smell bad and you can consume it for a long time because once you apply it, you can wear it for the whole day. Here is me wearing this.

The lipstick really makes my face glow with out any additional make-up. So for those people interested of getting one. Try to visit SM Department stores.

Get this @
SM Megamall Department Store

Monday, June 25

Getting Comfortable with Parisian Comfy

Hiyah everyone, sorry for being MIA again for this past 3 weeks, I am just getting ready with my final assessment for my job because I still need to study, focus and be more knowledgeable with my work right now and I am almost there, I just need to push more. Hihihi...

So girls and guys let me share to you my new best friend for long walk and rush hour days, I just bought them 3 weeks ago when my two pair of shoes give up and those are my 5months old shoes that I buy at St. Francis Square for 280php, though they are fashionable but not that strong as my 1 and 1/2 year old black Parisian comfy shoe. Because of that I realized that it is ok to buy branded shoes at least they will last for years and I can enjoy them even they're outdated.

So flat ayt?!! :D I love flats and snickers , it allow me to walk fast especially if I am late. If i'll be given a chance to have a high heeled shoes I'll be asking for a taxi fare so that my feet won't get hurt... LOL But with the nature of my job and with that long walk in Eastwood wearing flats is the best.

This two cost 499php each a bit expensive compare to tiangge price but the quality is still the best. And this is one of my birthday gift for myself. :) And I've been thinking of extending my birthday until July so that I can still buy 2 more flats with different color and style. Hope you like it girls.

Get it @
SM Megamall Department Store

Saturday, June 9

NU Skin Face Lift Review

NU Skin Face lift has 2 solutions: Face Lift Activator and Face Lift Powder, these solutions will helps you tightens those pores and will make your skin firm, you can see the result immediately. You can use these product on your face and neck and I've been using this for 2weeks now and thanks to Mai who ask me & encourage me to use her NU skin since she is so lazy using it and I think you can only use it for 6 months.

Sunday, June 3

Tony Moly's Facial sheet mask review

Hi every one, it is almost a month na pala since I last posted a product review I actually have a lot of reviews to post but my work is giving me this tiring mode everyday, my shift schedule changes weekly that's why I am so lazy to blog. But let me start my week with a Beauty Product review. 

Last month me & my partner is wondering why most of the girls goes gaga with Facial sheet mask, I though facial sheet mask is like a big nose strip that you can use to remove white heads and black heads all over your face lol. But we're wrong until we check Tony Moly's Sheet Mask. Sorry for being so innocent with this.

Tony Moly's Essential Mask Sheet Pack
  • Cucumber and Pomegranate
  • Php. 98.00 each
  • SM Department store or at Tony Moly's store

This is us Lol.. Parang natutulog lang... we look like Jayson of Jayson's goes to hell , but we felt heaven because we almost got a sleep while waiting for 30 minutes to remove the sheet and our face feels calm and cold. Love it. And I might buy another one again on pay day.

How about you? Have you tried it?

Saturday, June 2

Getting Lauder with End of Season Sale

I am a Get laud fan ever since and I got my first dress from Get Laud 168 branch in Divisoria, they have size from Petite to a big body like me. They only cater ladies apparel and they used a good fabric with their creations.

Now Get laud is hosting their End of season sale !!! Yehey!

Get Laud Won the al lot awards  and one of the best thing about Get laud, they use expandex fabric that gives good shape to your body. Most of the dress that I am using came from Get Laud, because its affordable and fits well with me.

So girls if you wants to grab this chance check there: and so that you can check the stores near you.

Saturday, May 19

Mega Brand Sale is here with up to 70% OFF

Another Megra brands sales... Ow yes!!!  MCT Events Management will open their Megabrand sales on June 1-3, 2012 at the World wide Center  Pasay City.  This event will definitely give mommy's out there like me an option to buy some stuffs that is budget friendly and has a good quality.

This is a Back - to- school and a Mid year 3 day , this is up to 70% off discount for shoes, bags, gadgets, men’s and ladies’ fashion, sporting goods and accessories, personal care, perfumes, time pieces, eyewear, housewares and appliances.

A lot of top participating brand will participate on this event like Samsonite, Giordano, Luminox, Cole-Haan, Levi’s, Dockers, Hush Puppies, Sebago, Rudy Project, Nokia, Tefal, Dowell, Moulinex, Nike Golf, Slazenger, Elle, Wenger, Skechers, Bossini, Gola, Vans, Tomato, Parker, Puma etc.

And for RCBC Bankard Credit Cardholders and for the event partners there will be a soft selling on May 31 for the . The event will be officially open to the public on June 1 until June 3, from 10am to 9pm.

So what are you waiting for? mark you calendar now to get these affordable brands and there will be giveaways and raffle draws waiting for you.

The 3rd Megabrands Sale is organized by MCT Events Management in partnership with RCBC Bankard and Innovision Entertainment Production! With our media partners: The Manila Times, Business Mirror,, Lifestyle Network,,, and

Wednesday, May 9

Sweethestia's childish things

One of the childish part of me is these... buying cute stuff. It might be appropriate for some because of their age, but I can't stop my self not buying it and my daugther love it because she can use it. Just so you know I am a 80's baby and stationaries and these kind of stuff are hard to find and you can only bought it at Gift Gate or if you have relatives in Japan you can ask them to buy it for you, but today you can buy it every where.

These accesorries below are some of my old stuff that i am no longer using and i just grab this pictures at my pouppee account.  I bought some of these from Quiapo and SM Accesories kids section. :D

And these are my latest cute finds that i am using at home and at work.

Friday, May 4

Orange. My new relaxation color. Weird? but it's true

Last march i told myself that i'll be stopping buying nail polishes since i haven't finish most of them, but I break my rules when depression hits me again. I've been talking to my partner the whole day figuring out why bad things happen, i know it just a trial that God wants us to overcome. On this kind of EMO moment i either, eat, drink, shop or cry, but relaxation, meditation and speaking with positive people helps.

One relaxation that i did for today is to read the book "Secret", there are things on that book that helps me calm and realized something in life. If you think about Love everything will follow but this is not just about love regarding bf or gf, it is about  love for everything that you have, whether you have a lot or you don't have any.

But before the realization thingy happen I've dreamed about colors, I was inside a house full of calm people, everything is color blue, it made me smile and I feel safe like a child, but something tells me to go out and explore more. I open the door, step out and still blue is everywhere until I reach the blue gate and open it then  suddenly everything change, there I was standing under a tree in a backyard then i saw a house made of wood and every thing is Orange and on that moment I felt more happiness in me, strong energy and I feel free. And this is the reason why everytime I see a color orange it relaxes me & it encourage me to buy this.

This is not Red, it is Red-Orange lol. BNC or Daewon Cosmetics #414 for Php80.00. The reason why i bought this is because I want to see a color Orange where ever i go. If you want to try BNC nail color, you can go to Carpher Nail Art at Robinsons Galleria.

So how about you, got a dream about colors too?

Wednesday, May 2

My pimple fighting routine this summer.

I know summer is fun under the sun but it irrates us because acne and  pimples are always there to ruin your day. Warmer temperature which brings sweat can trigger pimples and acne to come out that's why on these type of pimple nightmare i am so so ready. Of course simple routine and so stuffs to bring while travelling is included, washing your face, removing make-up, bringing handkerchief or tissue to remove those sweats in your face and a hand fan while travelling.

So me of us really go to SPA to have a facial spa and going to their favorite dermatologist to get rid of those party pooper pimples, but for me pimples can be stop if you'll prevent it. " Prevention is better that cure." So let me share to you my non-expensive pimple fighting products.

Once i got home i always wash my face with cold water, because it calms my skin and if i have a makeup removing it  is my 1st priority but make sure to take a rest for at least 5min before washing your face then i use these 2 products:

Php. 85.00

Php. 35.00
These 2 product are very affordable and it is more practical to have skin care routine than having a expensive weekly/monthly facial. One of the big factor why i bought is the product is because of the salicylic acid content, it really heals pimples. I always follow the cleanse, tone and moisturize routine.

How about you, got a party pooper pimples?

Sunday, April 15

High School Reunion to the fullest

Hello girls, do you remember my FOTD post last month that i'll be attending our High School reunion and i was thinking of what make up to wear, well i just decided to make it simple because most of the people I've known in High School are really not pa-sosyal but koboy type  , that's why i decided to be simple and wear a simple top and a denim shorts. But before i proceed with that, let me share to you the things that i bought and use in the reunion.

It's a hot pink bag from Parisian!!!! I know its big and i love it, i can place my bulky camera inside, umbrella and some kikay stuffs and i don't like small bags takaw snatch kasi. I bought this for 299php at SM Department Store.

Friday, April 13

Just got tagged with 45 questions about beauty...

Ok i just got TAGGED by Gellie of And it's been !@#$%$ years since i got tagged in a post. I missed my old-old-old blog.... Ok again thanks gellie and here we go...

1. How many times do you wash your face daily?
 - 2 to 4 times, depending on our weather condition.

2. What skin type do you have? Dry, oily, or combi skin?
- Oiliness is next to ugliness.. :p

Monday, April 2

Product Review: Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-wrinkle

I know most of us are into skin whitening ligthening and we never realized that if you're in  25 - 30 yrs old, you really need to worry about wrinkles. Wrinkles can occurred  because of sun damage, smoking, dehydration etc. And when we get older our skin get thinner, drier and less elastic. That's why i decide to change moisturizing product and grab Nivea Q10 Plus  Anti-Wrinkle.

This is a anti-wrinkle night cream that provide wrinkle reduction and regenerates skin during the night.  At night our metabolic activity of the skin cells are at there highest,  when we are sleeping, our bodies are repairing itself. That goes for our skin as well.

These product will help out skin Q10 level increase. Based on Ehow, Q10 is found in the center of a cell located in our body: the mitochondria cell. Antioxidants, that can be found in Q10, fight free radicals, thus helping to fight the aging process.
And Nivea said that Result for minimizing mimic wrinkles will occurred within 3 weeks and deeper wrinkles are visibly reduced with in 4 weeks.

This product cost 385php, it might be pricey for others, but i will value your money. It has a 50ml blue bottle , the cream is thick but it really sink in your skin. I am applying it 30mins or 1 hour before going to sleep.  But what I've heard others using this on day time too, because it has a matte finish after application and will might try their eye cream next.

So how about you?

Saturday, March 24


Another good finds from Capher nail art, just bought another BNC polish and now its item 121. I was suppose to buy my favorite Caronia Joy polish, however it's sitll not available, i've already check Watsons in Megamall and Robinsons Galleria, even in our local hortaleza & still she is no where to be found. Due to my frustration I just check Capher nail art for a nail polish closer to Caronia Joy, until i found this.

Sorry for my bad nails, I just place the polish on my nails with out cleaning it  for the sake of taking picture. lol. I love wearing nude colors, especially if I am wearing sandals everyday. It looks clean kasi. But this might be the last nail polish that i'll be buying this summer and might visit the salon or nail spa's again to have a full blast nail spa.

Friday, March 23

Oww yes!!! 1st year Anniversary giveaway from WICKERMOSS

I am super excited about this giveaway, Ms. Charles of Wickermoss is giving 3 lovely & yummy price for us and its her blog birthday on April 28, 2012. Happy Birthday wickermoss.

from wickermoss
If you wanna win these......

1. Outback steak gift certificate worth 5k
2.Nail Boutique Luxury foot spa w/ pedi treatment
3.Manel's Gist Certificate worth 2k

Just click here for more details.

So what are you waiting for girls, join now. Excited!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 22

Hublot Chukker Bang Watch - Elegance and Glamor for Polo Player

It seems that no sport or activity that Hublot does not participate in. This time the Hublot Chukker Bang watch has something to do with Polo. As a sponsor of the Polo Gold Cup Gstaad for several years, Hublot released a limited edition watch in honor of the game. The watch features a 44.5mm titanium case which displays two bezel options and the watch is teamed with a tan leather strap that is highly reminiscent of riding boots and saddles.

Like the Hublot timepieces made for soccer, they have specially designed the chronograph minute counter to apply to the game. The aptly named Chukker Bang watch has a chronograph that measures 7.5 minutes – the total length of one Polo game half, also called “chukka”. For the design of the watch, Hublot reportedly worked with Polo player as well as the Hublot brand ambassador, Facundo Pieres.

One unique version of the Chukker Bang watch has a titanium grill that is integrated into the titanium bezel. Traditionally, such grills were mean to protect vulnerable watch crystals during sport activities. In Polo – with balls, sticks, and hooves flying around – this was particularly a concern. The other version of the Chukker Bang without this grill has a black ceramic material bezel and also a diamond decorated bezel.
Ticking inside the Hublot Chukker Bang watch is the brand’s personalized caliber HUB1141 automatic chronograph movement with a flyback function. The Hublot Chukker Bang watch will be launched as a limited edition of only 500 pieces. Therefore, for the loyal fans of Hublot and the watch collectors, such a fabulous watch is definitely a must-have addition to their collection.

Of course, not all people can afford the genuine pieces with the hefty price. That is also the reason why the Hublot replica and Rolex replica watches are becoming more and more popular. If you have no a big budget, just go for the replica watch which will not disappoint you!

My March 2012 Haul

I actually promise my self not to buy anything this month, but since i am lacking some stuffs, my partner agree to  grab some stuffs in Watson. This is just few items and i bought this 2 weeks ago.

Since our nail cutter is already 4 years old and the cutter is not that sharp any more, i decided to grab one and have the old one place on my pouch. A new tweezers which she grabs nto me and one eye-shadow brush which i explain to her that it is only Php.69 and i don't have this yet lol.

And these items are for both of us and for me to review. How about you girls? Do you have a new haul for this month?

Tuesday, March 20

FOTD: My first time wearing false eye lash

Owww... Yes! This is my first fotd wearing eyelashes and thank you Diane for this lovely lashes. Since the day i won Diane's giveaway last year, i really avoiding using it because i am reserving  these for special occasions ( mag mamaganda ako... ). But i decided to wear it for my FOTD today and since i am so frustrated and stress with my work today, instead of drinking Vodka i just decided to this.

Wednesday, March 14

NOTD: BNC Frosted Red

Hello Ladies,

I know most of you are not familiar with BNC. Well, this is one of the nail polish brand of Capher Nail Art Store, you can check my post *here* for Capher Nail Art review. Ok. here we go....

I know i don't have a perfect application so please bear with me. BNC has a 14ml bottle and expiration date at the back. This one bottle cost me Php. 80.00, so if you are looking for a bloody frosted red polish, i strongly suggest this one. And if you thing that their nail polish brush is not good enough for you, they can give you a new nail polish brush that you can use. This polish is easy to apply, though what happen to me, i apply this polish at 3am & i'm not even wearing my glasses that time. ( ganda noh! ) LOL... SO there you go... 

How about you ladies, have you done your nails lately?

Friday, March 9

Product Review: Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Water

Are you too lazy removing your make-up at home because you're tired from work? Well one of my suggestion is this! Try using PERFECT CLEANSING WATER of Pure Beauty. This is a cool cleansing water that helps me remove my make up fast, i just definitely wash my hands, pump some amount of this cleansing water onto my palms then massage my face. Then after that rinse it with water. But before i test it on my face, i make some test first with various type of make up, to see if this cleansing water is really effective

I actually test it with eyebrow pencil, blush on, gel liner and eyeshadow. As you can see powdered based make up can easily remove by this, but the gel liner really needs make up remover's help.

I didn't get any problem with this product, no skin irritation, no break outs and no dryness. I really do recommended this, but even though i am using it, i still tend to clean my face with my facial wash and i still use makeup remover for gel based make up.

And don't forget to clean your eyelids (see my post here on how i do it ) . So there you go girls, guys & gays. Happy Reading... XX

Thursday, March 8

FOTD: Yvette

Why Yvette?

This is because of Castleville ( FB Game ) hihihi. she is my favorite character in Castleville, i like her because she looks like a princess and i love the flower on her hair and i can't think of any fotd name :D. That's why is user her name.

So now for my FOTD for today.I don't know why i did this, maybe because of my Castleville addiction and it gave me an idea to create this...

I made this look at 2am before going to sleep and i really miss being normal, i mean sleeping at night doing these things in the morning, so that  i can also use a natural light in taking picture.  H♥pe you like it ladies. Till my next fotd's..... XOXO

Tuesday, March 6

FOTD: Sample look for HS reunion


At long last, da is no longer here to use our PC and there's  reason for me not to post anything for my blog. But i definitely miss her so much. But thank you skype, at least we can still talk before going to sleep. :D

Ok, for the past week i was thinking about what to wear for our HS reunion, since this reunion is kinda, special because it was definitely organize by one of my closes friend in high school, irene and her bestfriend is so generous to pay for the whole party expenses. Kaloka!!! But this is not the first time i attended our HS reunion, the first one was held at Comigos Grill in Caloocan and that reunion is  eat, drink, meet and greet reunion. Unlike this one, it has allot of gimmik's and they even want us to wear costume, as in for COSPLAY!... kalowka! But ofcourse, yours truly doesn't have any costume, that's why i just decided to be just me. So i created 2 sample make up look. But i am still thinking of changing it.

Gray eye shadow


In2it eyebrow kit

ELF Eye Primer
Props 88 matte eyeshadow
Maybelline Gel Liner
Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express

Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation
Maybelline Shine Free Cake Powder
Everbilena Cheek

In2it Cranberry

I have my make up look, but i don't know what clothes to wear to match it. hay...... Or maybe, i might just need to be simple and have a simple make up? What do you think girls?

Thursday, February 16

FOTD + Haul: Movie date with da

Yesterday me and da decided to watch " Unofficially Yours " of Angel Locsin and John Llyod Cruz. And one of the reason why we watch it, is because, it was directed by Cathy Molina and she is one of our favorite local director. She really made me smile on her movies and i also love watching John Llyod's movies too, because he is so damned funny. Hihihi... Bashang and popoy then the amnesia girl, these are my favorites.

I really made effort on this date since she often see me putting make-up and  i am always on rush going to work. So let me share to you my movie date look.

Monday, February 13

FOTD: Simple Valentines Day look

Hello ladies,

Like what i've told you on my last post, i will do make an FOTD for using the 2 Nyx lipstick that i got and 1 more day to go  before Valentines day and i am not too exited about it because we just celebrated our Valentine's day today lol. So here we go...

Sunday, February 5

Product Review: NYX Snow white and Chaos


Ok i  know most of you already tried this type of lippie. But i like to share this to you since it was a gift for me by my cuz yesterday and i know it is red again. Lol. I don't why i am so red magnet this year. hmmmm....

This lve month i definitely recommended this 2 shades if you are looking for a red lipstick to wear on your valentines date.

The good things that i love about this lipstick, besides of its super affordable  price, i like it because it's wearable . You don't have to wear make-up anymore, because this lippies really stands out.

Snow white and Chaos

And this is how they look like on a different lights. But they really looks good if you will apply it on your lips. Now i was thinking on what to wear tomorrow and i was thinking of doing FOTD again. hmmm magawa nga siya later. This my next post guys, hope you like it. 

Tuesday, January 31

Product Review: EB Off beat Matte Lipstick and Wet n wild Red Velvet

Heloooo ladies!

I just woke up today and trying to get  ready to work, but since i still have allot of time to fix myself, i just decided to write something first before taking a bath and  putting my make-up on. :) I have a new babies again, 2 new babies from Ever Bilena and Wet and wild. As all you know i never fail buying EB lipstick especially the matte one. So let share to you the things that i like with these 2 lippie.

Off Beat Pink
Ofcourse, Everbilena Matte lipstick doesn't fails me and their color shades really matches all skin types. I just came from Cebu with a tan face but this lippie still looks good at me. And you can only puch this for Php. 145 in any department store and drugstore.

Red velvet

This is the first time i am buying wet & wild product again. It's been years since i last grab it until they just disappear.  Anyway, i also tried to grab one of these because i was attracted with its vibrant red. What i l♥ve about this lippie, is bec it is matte and color really blends well on my lips and i really got a got complexion wearing this. You can wear it with no blush-on & eye-shadow. Wet n wild lippie cost Php299 only and you can grab this at SM Megamall, but i don't know if some department store has it.

So there you go girls i hope you like my post for today. Got to go now time to work again...

Monday, January 30

Random Stuffs From Cebu

Hello guys,

I am back on writing again. I really don't have a chance to write, specially on my busy schedule again. So guys, let me show you some of the stuff i bought from Cebu last week.

Cute key chain guitar that i bought in Lapu-lapu Shrine. Actually i bought 12 of these on different color and it has a customize name print at the back of the key chain. I gave these cute guitar to my colleagues and bff's. This cute key chain only cost 15.00php. Suli diba?....!

And here is our first ever Ref Magnet, this cost 30php. The only thing that i don't like this, it easily fall because it only has 1 magnet at the back and this tiny slipper is heavy because of those tiny sea shells.

My partner bought this from Ayala Cebu Bazaar. A cute shell candle holder for only 45php. We place this in our Altar together with our new Bambino.

Of course souvenier shirty from Cebu. It si so Orange right. Nakikiuso... I bought this from My Philippines at SM Cebu for 399php. I know it is expensive, but i am into the quality and the design of the shirt.

And this is our new Sto. Niño from Cebu. Holy child of Cebu or they called it as Sto. Niño de Cebu.

 We bought this one at the Basilica del Sto Niño . It's really my devotion that every time i visited a place i make sure that i will buy at least one Saint that represent their City.  SO there you go guys i hope you like it. How about you guys have you been to Cebu na ba?

for the yummy stuff that i buy from Cebu just go to my Food blog. Click here.

Sunday, January 15

Product Review: Sophie Lipstick in Mango Peach

Hi girls, this is just a quick post. It's been 2 weeks since i post something here on my blog. Let me start my first post this 2012 with a product review. I bought this lipstick 3 months ago and i really want to post it late so that i can share to you my experience after using this item.

Most of us think that Cheap product can harm your skin. But not all of them. Like this lipstick, it only cost me Php79 and i bought it from a Sophie dealer. This lipstick is easy to apply and you can wear it everyday and it doesn't dried my lips. The only thing that i don't like about this lippie.... it is not long lasting. Sophie products are made in Germany and you can get it to any nearest Sophie branches near you or to a Sophie dealer. For more information about this product you can check there facebook Sophie Martin Paris. That's a;; for today. Love love....