Tuesday, January 31

Product Review: EB Off beat Matte Lipstick and Wet n wild Red Velvet

Heloooo ladies!

I just woke up today and trying to get  ready to work, but since i still have allot of time to fix myself, i just decided to write something first before taking a bath and  putting my make-up on. :) I have a new babies again, 2 new babies from Ever Bilena and Wet and wild. As all you know i never fail buying EB lipstick especially the matte one. So let share to you the things that i like with these 2 lippie.

Off Beat Pink
Ofcourse, Everbilena Matte lipstick doesn't fails me and their color shades really matches all skin types. I just came from Cebu with a tan face but this lippie still looks good at me. And you can only puch this for Php. 145 in any department store and drugstore.

Red velvet

This is the first time i am buying wet & wild product again. It's been years since i last grab it until they just disappear.  Anyway, i also tried to grab one of these because i was attracted with its vibrant red. What i l♥ve about this lippie, is bec it is matte and color really blends well on my lips and i really got a got complexion wearing this. You can wear it with no blush-on & eye-shadow. Wet n wild lippie cost Php299 only and you can grab this at SM Megamall, but i don't know if some department store has it.

So there you go girls i hope you like my post for today. Got to go now time to work again...

Monday, January 30

Random Stuffs From Cebu

Hello guys,

I am back on writing again. I really don't have a chance to write, specially on my busy schedule again. So guys, let me show you some of the stuff i bought from Cebu last week.

Cute key chain guitar that i bought in Lapu-lapu Shrine. Actually i bought 12 of these on different color and it has a customize name print at the back of the key chain. I gave these cute guitar to my colleagues and bff's. This cute key chain only cost 15.00php. Suli diba?....!

And here is our first ever Ref Magnet, this cost 30php. The only thing that i don't like this, it easily fall because it only has 1 magnet at the back and this tiny slipper is heavy because of those tiny sea shells.

My partner bought this from Ayala Cebu Bazaar. A cute shell candle holder for only 45php. We place this in our Altar together with our new Bambino.

Of course souvenier shirty from Cebu. It si so Orange right. Nakikiuso... I bought this from My Philippines at SM Cebu for 399php. I know it is expensive, but i am into the quality and the design of the shirt.

And this is our new Sto. Niño from Cebu. Holy child of Cebu or they called it as Sto. Niño de Cebu.

 We bought this one at the Basilica del Sto Niño . It's really my devotion that every time i visited a place i make sure that i will buy at least one Saint that represent their City.  SO there you go guys i hope you like it. How about you guys have you been to Cebu na ba?

for the yummy stuff that i buy from Cebu just go to my Food blog. Click here.

Sunday, January 15

Product Review: Sophie Lipstick in Mango Peach

Hi girls, this is just a quick post. It's been 2 weeks since i post something here on my blog. Let me start my first post this 2012 with a product review. I bought this lipstick 3 months ago and i really want to post it late so that i can share to you my experience after using this item.

Most of us think that Cheap product can harm your skin. But not all of them. Like this lipstick, it only cost me Php79 and i bought it from a Sophie dealer. This lipstick is easy to apply and you can wear it everyday and it doesn't dried my lips. The only thing that i don't like about this lippie.... it is not long lasting. Sophie products are made in Germany and you can get it to any nearest Sophie branches near you or to a Sophie dealer. For more information about this product you can check there facebook Sophie Martin Paris. That's a;; for today. Love love....