Sunday, January 15

Product Review: Sophie Lipstick in Mango Peach

Hi girls, this is just a quick post. It's been 2 weeks since i post something here on my blog. Let me start my first post this 2012 with a product review. I bought this lipstick 3 months ago and i really want to post it late so that i can share to you my experience after using this item.

Most of us think that Cheap product can harm your skin. But not all of them. Like this lipstick, it only cost me Php79 and i bought it from a Sophie dealer. This lipstick is easy to apply and you can wear it everyday and it doesn't dried my lips. The only thing that i don't like about this lippie.... it is not long lasting. Sophie products are made in Germany and you can get it to any nearest Sophie branches near you or to a Sophie dealer. For more information about this product you can check there facebook Sophie Martin Paris. That's a;; for today. Love love....


  1. I really love the shade!

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  2. I love the shade name - it makes me think of Jollibee's Peach Mango Pie! Pati yung shade mismo maganda - kumocolor of the year. :)

  3. I have this too! Love ng mother ko yung color kaya kanya na lang. :))

  4. True.... naisip ko nga din yan... sunod sa usong color this year

  5. The color is so beautiful, I would love to have it! <3
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  6. aww too bad it's not long lasting! but good price and nice shade <3


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