Sunday, February 5

Product Review: NYX Snow white and Chaos


Ok i  know most of you already tried this type of lippie. But i like to share this to you since it was a gift for me by my cuz yesterday and i know it is red again. Lol. I don't why i am so red magnet this year. hmmmm....

This lve month i definitely recommended this 2 shades if you are looking for a red lipstick to wear on your valentines date.

The good things that i love about this lipstick, besides of its super affordable  price, i like it because it's wearable . You don't have to wear make-up anymore, because this lippies really stands out.

Snow white and Chaos

And this is how they look like on a different lights. But they really looks good if you will apply it on your lips. Now i was thinking on what to wear tomorrow and i was thinking of doing FOTD again. hmmm magawa nga siya later. This my next post guys, hope you like it. 


  1. I think I have Chaos. Snow White seems dark on me. I miss you babe!!!!!!! <3 How was your Cebu trip?

  2. I'd love to see an FOTD of you wearing this. :) 

    If it's red for you, it's orange for me. :D

  3. yer back sweetie!!!!!! i wun get tired of reading basta RED haha xox

  4. I like Snow White waaaah. <3

  5. i have snow white and i loveeetttt!!! :3

  6. Babe!!!!!! ok naman ang trip, super bitin... need to visit the south next time... ♥♥♥ IMY too

  7. Ofchors charles.. im back.. miss q na kyo ha... Mukha ngang dimo feel ang red noh... lol

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