Saturday, March 24


Another good finds from Capher nail art, just bought another BNC polish and now its item 121. I was suppose to buy my favorite Caronia Joy polish, however it's sitll not available, i've already check Watsons in Megamall and Robinsons Galleria, even in our local hortaleza & still she is no where to be found. Due to my frustration I just check Capher nail art for a nail polish closer to Caronia Joy, until i found this.

Sorry for my bad nails, I just place the polish on my nails with out cleaning it  for the sake of taking picture. lol. I love wearing nude colors, especially if I am wearing sandals everyday. It looks clean kasi. But this might be the last nail polish that i'll be buying this summer and might visit the salon or nail spa's again to have a full blast nail spa.

Friday, March 23

Oww yes!!! 1st year Anniversary giveaway from WICKERMOSS

I am super excited about this giveaway, Ms. Charles of Wickermoss is giving 3 lovely & yummy price for us and its her blog birthday on April 28, 2012. Happy Birthday wickermoss.

from wickermoss
If you wanna win these......

1. Outback steak gift certificate worth 5k
2.Nail Boutique Luxury foot spa w/ pedi treatment
3.Manel's Gist Certificate worth 2k

Just click here for more details.

So what are you waiting for girls, join now. Excited!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 22

Hublot Chukker Bang Watch - Elegance and Glamor for Polo Player

It seems that no sport or activity that Hublot does not participate in. This time the Hublot Chukker Bang watch has something to do with Polo. As a sponsor of the Polo Gold Cup Gstaad for several years, Hublot released a limited edition watch in honor of the game. The watch features a 44.5mm titanium case which displays two bezel options and the watch is teamed with a tan leather strap that is highly reminiscent of riding boots and saddles.

Like the Hublot timepieces made for soccer, they have specially designed the chronograph minute counter to apply to the game. The aptly named Chukker Bang watch has a chronograph that measures 7.5 minutes – the total length of one Polo game half, also called “chukka”. For the design of the watch, Hublot reportedly worked with Polo player as well as the Hublot brand ambassador, Facundo Pieres.

One unique version of the Chukker Bang watch has a titanium grill that is integrated into the titanium bezel. Traditionally, such grills were mean to protect vulnerable watch crystals during sport activities. In Polo – with balls, sticks, and hooves flying around – this was particularly a concern. The other version of the Chukker Bang without this grill has a black ceramic material bezel and also a diamond decorated bezel.
Ticking inside the Hublot Chukker Bang watch is the brand’s personalized caliber HUB1141 automatic chronograph movement with a flyback function. The Hublot Chukker Bang watch will be launched as a limited edition of only 500 pieces. Therefore, for the loyal fans of Hublot and the watch collectors, such a fabulous watch is definitely a must-have addition to their collection.

Of course, not all people can afford the genuine pieces with the hefty price. That is also the reason why the Hublot replica and Rolex replica watches are becoming more and more popular. If you have no a big budget, just go for the replica watch which will not disappoint you!

My March 2012 Haul

I actually promise my self not to buy anything this month, but since i am lacking some stuffs, my partner agree to  grab some stuffs in Watson. This is just few items and i bought this 2 weeks ago.

Since our nail cutter is already 4 years old and the cutter is not that sharp any more, i decided to grab one and have the old one place on my pouch. A new tweezers which she grabs nto me and one eye-shadow brush which i explain to her that it is only Php.69 and i don't have this yet lol.

And these items are for both of us and for me to review. How about you girls? Do you have a new haul for this month?

Tuesday, March 20

FOTD: My first time wearing false eye lash

Owww... Yes! This is my first fotd wearing eyelashes and thank you Diane for this lovely lashes. Since the day i won Diane's giveaway last year, i really avoiding using it because i am reserving  these for special occasions ( mag mamaganda ako... ). But i decided to wear it for my FOTD today and since i am so frustrated and stress with my work today, instead of drinking Vodka i just decided to this.

Wednesday, March 14

NOTD: BNC Frosted Red

Hello Ladies,

I know most of you are not familiar with BNC. Well, this is one of the nail polish brand of Capher Nail Art Store, you can check my post *here* for Capher Nail Art review. Ok. here we go....

I know i don't have a perfect application so please bear with me. BNC has a 14ml bottle and expiration date at the back. This one bottle cost me Php. 80.00, so if you are looking for a bloody frosted red polish, i strongly suggest this one. And if you thing that their nail polish brush is not good enough for you, they can give you a new nail polish brush that you can use. This polish is easy to apply, though what happen to me, i apply this polish at 3am & i'm not even wearing my glasses that time. ( ganda noh! ) LOL... SO there you go... 

How about you ladies, have you done your nails lately?

Friday, March 9

Product Review: Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Water

Are you too lazy removing your make-up at home because you're tired from work? Well one of my suggestion is this! Try using PERFECT CLEANSING WATER of Pure Beauty. This is a cool cleansing water that helps me remove my make up fast, i just definitely wash my hands, pump some amount of this cleansing water onto my palms then massage my face. Then after that rinse it with water. But before i test it on my face, i make some test first with various type of make up, to see if this cleansing water is really effective

I actually test it with eyebrow pencil, blush on, gel liner and eyeshadow. As you can see powdered based make up can easily remove by this, but the gel liner really needs make up remover's help.

I didn't get any problem with this product, no skin irritation, no break outs and no dryness. I really do recommended this, but even though i am using it, i still tend to clean my face with my facial wash and i still use makeup remover for gel based make up.

And don't forget to clean your eyelids (see my post here on how i do it ) . So there you go girls, guys & gays. Happy Reading... XX

Thursday, March 8

FOTD: Yvette

Why Yvette?

This is because of Castleville ( FB Game ) hihihi. she is my favorite character in Castleville, i like her because she looks like a princess and i love the flower on her hair and i can't think of any fotd name :D. That's why is user her name.

So now for my FOTD for today.I don't know why i did this, maybe because of my Castleville addiction and it gave me an idea to create this...

I made this look at 2am before going to sleep and i really miss being normal, i mean sleeping at night doing these things in the morning, so that  i can also use a natural light in taking picture.  H♥pe you like it ladies. Till my next fotd's..... XOXO

Tuesday, March 6

FOTD: Sample look for HS reunion


At long last, da is no longer here to use our PC and there's  reason for me not to post anything for my blog. But i definitely miss her so much. But thank you skype, at least we can still talk before going to sleep. :D

Ok, for the past week i was thinking about what to wear for our HS reunion, since this reunion is kinda, special because it was definitely organize by one of my closes friend in high school, irene and her bestfriend is so generous to pay for the whole party expenses. Kaloka!!! But this is not the first time i attended our HS reunion, the first one was held at Comigos Grill in Caloocan and that reunion is  eat, drink, meet and greet reunion. Unlike this one, it has allot of gimmik's and they even want us to wear costume, as in for COSPLAY!... kalowka! But ofcourse, yours truly doesn't have any costume, that's why i just decided to be just me. So i created 2 sample make up look. But i am still thinking of changing it.

Gray eye shadow


In2it eyebrow kit

ELF Eye Primer
Props 88 matte eyeshadow
Maybelline Gel Liner
Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express

Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation
Maybelline Shine Free Cake Powder
Everbilena Cheek

In2it Cranberry

I have my make up look, but i don't know what clothes to wear to match it. hay...... Or maybe, i might just need to be simple and have a simple make up? What do you think girls?