Tuesday, March 20

FOTD: My first time wearing false eye lash

Owww... Yes! This is my first fotd wearing eyelashes and thank you Diane for this lovely lashes. Since the day i won Diane's giveaway last year, i really avoiding using it because i am reserving  these for special occasions ( mag mamaganda ako... ). But i decided to wear it for my FOTD today and since i am so frustrated and stress with my work today, instead of drinking Vodka i just decided to this.

 I use ES Brand Full Criss-Cross False Fake Lashes ( A009), it has 10 set of lashes and i use an eyelashes glue that i bought from Saisen. I took me 5 mins just to put this fake lashes!!!!! huwaaaaaaa..... It is so hard po talaga, naloka ako. That's why when look at my eyes below, it really doesn't fits well. Talagang, more more practice.

But in-fairness!!!! Ang ganda ng eyes ko dito and more more polish pa with my eyeshadow.
And this is me wearing these lovely eyelashes. Can you see the uneven skin tone? My face is so white and look at my neck. LOl... kaloka....


  1. I love wearing false lashes on special occasions! You look gorgeous and glam Jade! IMY! :)

  2. isnt it fun to wear false lashes??? once i finally gave in and did it myself, it gets easier and you become addicted!! i just love wearing them on weekends!!!


  3. ever since the first time I tried wearing false eyelashes, I only wanted to use the more often.. they just make your eyes look alive and alluring... good job on your first try. ^_^

  4. So gorgeous with the falsie on! At least, effort paid off, outcome was really pretty! You have pretty eyes to begin with that is why falsie suits you really well ^_^~

  5. FACT: i'm a falsies virgin! hahaha i hope i can have the guts to buy one and put it on myself ;) 

  6. I really just wish that i can master it..
    Thanks for the comment nikki

  7. NYahaha... just try it sis, malay mo super magustuhan mo.

  8. Uu nga e, will try to wear it nga in the opis. lol.
    Thanks janet


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