Tuesday, March 6

FOTD: Sample look for HS reunion


At long last, da is no longer here to use our PC and there's  reason for me not to post anything for my blog. But i definitely miss her so much. But thank you skype, at least we can still talk before going to sleep. :D

Ok, for the past week i was thinking about what to wear for our HS reunion, since this reunion is kinda, special because it was definitely organize by one of my closes friend in high school, irene and her bestfriend is so generous to pay for the whole party expenses. Kaloka!!! But this is not the first time i attended our HS reunion, the first one was held at Comigos Grill in Caloocan and that reunion is  eat, drink, meet and greet reunion. Unlike this one, it has allot of gimmik's and they even want us to wear costume, as in for COSPLAY!... kalowka! But ofcourse, yours truly doesn't have any costume, that's why i just decided to be just me. So i created 2 sample make up look. But i am still thinking of changing it.

Gray eye shadow


In2it eyebrow kit

ELF Eye Primer
Props 88 matte eyeshadow
Maybelline Gel Liner
Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express

Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation
Maybelline Shine Free Cake Powder
Everbilena Cheek

In2it Cranberry

I have my make up look, but i don't know what clothes to wear to match it. hay...... Or maybe, i might just need to be simple and have a simple make up? What do you think girls?


  1. such a sexy look! :)

  2. Pretty!! Love the looks. :) So sexy :D

  3. Uu nga noh... i will try it nga... thanks hollie....

  4. Nice eye makeup!!


  5. love the purple look!! speaking of HS reunions, we will have ours tomorrow. i sooo wanna go!!

  6. Thanks nicole... Super nakaka excite nga yun e, excite to see how they look like now...


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