Thursday, March 22

My March 2012 Haul

I actually promise my self not to buy anything this month, but since i am lacking some stuffs, my partner agree to  grab some stuffs in Watson. This is just few items and i bought this 2 weeks ago.

Since our nail cutter is already 4 years old and the cutter is not that sharp any more, i decided to grab one and have the old one place on my pouch. A new tweezers which she grabs nto me and one eye-shadow brush which i explain to her that it is only Php.69 and i don't have this yet lol.

And these items are for both of us and for me to review. How about you girls? Do you have a new haul for this month?


Thank you for sharing your thoughts sissy!
Will definitely reply to you as soon as possible...
Hugs and Kisses