Friday, March 9

Product Review: Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Water

Are you too lazy removing your make-up at home because you're tired from work? Well one of my suggestion is this! Try using PERFECT CLEANSING WATER of Pure Beauty. This is a cool cleansing water that helps me remove my make up fast, i just definitely wash my hands, pump some amount of this cleansing water onto my palms then massage my face. Then after that rinse it with water. But before i test it on my face, i make some test first with various type of make up, to see if this cleansing water is really effective

I actually test it with eyebrow pencil, blush on, gel liner and eyeshadow. As you can see powdered based make up can easily remove by this, but the gel liner really needs make up remover's help.

I didn't get any problem with this product, no skin irritation, no break outs and no dryness. I really do recommended this, but even though i am using it, i still tend to clean my face with my facial wash and i still use makeup remover for gel based make up.

And don't forget to clean your eyelids (see my post here on how i do it ) . So there you go girls, guys & gays. Happy Reading... XX


  1. I've always been intrigued by cleansing water. Ganda ng pangalan eh... cleansing water. Hahaha 

  2. Oo nga di nalang sinabi na make up remover...

  3. will check this out. I've been looking for a mild makeup remover where I don't need to wash my face using a facial cleaser and water. this might work well. thanks for sharing.

  4. sounds holistic kasi ang cleansing water!:)) cc :ayababes lol!

  5. nice, i really need this, thanks for the review!
    It’s a GIRL


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