Sunday, April 15

High School Reunion to the fullest

Hello girls, do you remember my FOTD post last month that i'll be attending our High School reunion and i was thinking of what make up to wear, well i just decided to make it simple because most of the people I've known in High School are really not pa-sosyal but koboy type  , that's why i decided to be simple and wear a simple top and a denim shorts. But before i proceed with that, let me share to you the things that i bought and use in the reunion.

It's a hot pink bag from Parisian!!!! I know its big and i love it, i can place my bulky camera inside, umbrella and some kikay stuffs and i don't like small bags takaw snatch kasi. I bought this for 299php at SM Department Store.

Friday, April 13

Just got tagged with 45 questions about beauty...

Ok i just got TAGGED by Gellie of And it's been !@#$%$ years since i got tagged in a post. I missed my old-old-old blog.... Ok again thanks gellie and here we go...

1. How many times do you wash your face daily?
 - 2 to 4 times, depending on our weather condition.

2. What skin type do you have? Dry, oily, or combi skin?
- Oiliness is next to ugliness.. :p

Monday, April 2

Product Review: Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-wrinkle

I know most of us are into skin whitening ligthening and we never realized that if you're in  25 - 30 yrs old, you really need to worry about wrinkles. Wrinkles can occurred  because of sun damage, smoking, dehydration etc. And when we get older our skin get thinner, drier and less elastic. That's why i decide to change moisturizing product and grab Nivea Q10 Plus  Anti-Wrinkle.

This is a anti-wrinkle night cream that provide wrinkle reduction and regenerates skin during the night.  At night our metabolic activity of the skin cells are at there highest,  when we are sleeping, our bodies are repairing itself. That goes for our skin as well.

These product will help out skin Q10 level increase. Based on Ehow, Q10 is found in the center of a cell located in our body: the mitochondria cell. Antioxidants, that can be found in Q10, fight free radicals, thus helping to fight the aging process.
And Nivea said that Result for minimizing mimic wrinkles will occurred within 3 weeks and deeper wrinkles are visibly reduced with in 4 weeks.

This product cost 385php, it might be pricey for others, but i will value your money. It has a 50ml blue bottle , the cream is thick but it really sink in your skin. I am applying it 30mins or 1 hour before going to sleep.  But what I've heard others using this on day time too, because it has a matte finish after application and will might try their eye cream next.

So how about you?