Sunday, April 15

High School Reunion to the fullest

Hello girls, do you remember my FOTD post last month that i'll be attending our High School reunion and i was thinking of what make up to wear, well i just decided to make it simple because most of the people I've known in High School are really not pa-sosyal but koboy type  , that's why i decided to be simple and wear a simple top and a denim shorts. But before i proceed with that, let me share to you the things that i bought and use in the reunion.

It's a hot pink bag from Parisian!!!! I know its big and i love it, i can place my bulky camera inside, umbrella and some kikay stuffs and i don't like small bags takaw snatch kasi. I bought this for 299php at SM Department Store.

My new baby from The little things she needs for 399php, i know it is expensive but i was eyeing for this kind of necklace and the color of the beads is wearable in any season. And now here's our highschool reunion picture.
L-R: Aud, Erlyn, Roman, Mark Max, ME, Jem, Cindy, Salva and Irene

And these are my decades friends, we're just only few here, others are still out of the country. I have a lot of pictures but i only want to post the pictures of my bro&sis and thanks to erlyn & irene for this great reunion and we really owe you  these. I am so happy to see that all of us are successful in  life and on field that we choose.

We had a group in HS, like a gangsta group LOL, we just want a group name that's all. That night we talk  about the Principal's office incidents, those other sections advisers talking to me because one of my group mate was engage on a fight, it was a one of a hell experience in HS and my parents don't know these. Our group before is NOT that the type of "mean girls" "backstreet boys" way, we are just us a kids in HS and we're just amaze that people still recognized us and still know our names even though i cannot remember who are they :). And because of that i have allot of FB friends nanaman... lol... And thanks to FB group, from there we can communicate exclusively for our Batch only.

And it is really true that most of the loud & popular kids in High School are not that good looking anymore & they are so quite and some of them has regrets in life after High School. Hay... i don't what them to feel sad and the only thing that i told them is this. " We are still young and you still have a lot of time." :)

So guys how's your High School Reunion?


  1. Looks like so much fun. Skipped my HS reunion, but I miss hanging out with my HS buddies. =)) 

  2. awww missed my hs girls tuloy hehehe :) nice necklace btw!


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