Tuesday, June 26

Get a sexy look with Wet n Wild Sugar Plum

Hi ladies, I would like to share to you my new lippie best friend. Like what I've mentioned before on this post  <-- click this, Wet n Wild was gone for a while but they're back with a new and amazing lipstick color.

Wet n wilk matte lipstick is definitely a good choice for me, because it has a long lasting effect and it never smudge. This cost 299php, wearable and can be match with different types of clothes. The first time I wear it, most of my colleague ask if I can buy one for them but unfortunately this color is so rare to be found. Like what the sales lady told me they're just getting stocks for this once in a year, I don't know how true it is but on the time I grab this there's only one left. I love it because it doesn't smell bad and you can consume it for a long time because once you apply it, you can wear it for the whole day. Here is me wearing this.

The lipstick really makes my face glow with out any additional make-up. So for those people interested of getting one. Try to visit SM Department stores.

Get this @
SM Megamall Department Store

Monday, June 25

Getting Comfortable with Parisian Comfy

Hiyah everyone, sorry for being MIA again for this past 3 weeks, I am just getting ready with my final assessment for my job because I still need to study, focus and be more knowledgeable with my work right now and I am almost there, I just need to push more. Hihihi...

So girls and guys let me share to you my new best friend for long walk and rush hour days, I just bought them 3 weeks ago when my two pair of shoes give up and those are my 5months old shoes that I buy at St. Francis Square for 280php, though they are fashionable but not that strong as my 1 and 1/2 year old black Parisian comfy shoe. Because of that I realized that it is ok to buy branded shoes at least they will last for years and I can enjoy them even they're outdated.

So flat ayt?!! :D I love flats and snickers , it allow me to walk fast especially if I am late. If i'll be given a chance to have a high heeled shoes I'll be asking for a taxi fare so that my feet won't get hurt... LOL But with the nature of my job and with that long walk in Eastwood wearing flats is the best.

This two cost 499php each a bit expensive compare to tiangge price but the quality is still the best. And this is one of my birthday gift for myself. :) And I've been thinking of extending my birthday until July so that I can still buy 2 more flats with different color and style. Hope you like it girls.

Get it @
SM Megamall Department Store

Saturday, June 9

NU Skin Face Lift Review

NU Skin Face lift has 2 solutions: Face Lift Activator and Face Lift Powder, these solutions will helps you tightens those pores and will make your skin firm, you can see the result immediately. You can use these product on your face and neck and I've been using this for 2weeks now and thanks to Mai who ask me & encourage me to use her NU skin since she is so lazy using it and I think you can only use it for 6 months.

Sunday, June 3

Tony Moly's Facial sheet mask review

Hi every one, it is almost a month na pala since I last posted a product review I actually have a lot of reviews to post but my work is giving me this tiring mode everyday, my shift schedule changes weekly that's why I am so lazy to blog. But let me start my week with a Beauty Product review. 

Last month me & my partner is wondering why most of the girls goes gaga with Facial sheet mask, I though facial sheet mask is like a big nose strip that you can use to remove white heads and black heads all over your face lol. But we're wrong until we check Tony Moly's Sheet Mask. Sorry for being so innocent with this.

Tony Moly's Essential Mask Sheet Pack
  • Cucumber and Pomegranate
  • Php. 98.00 each
  • SM Department store or at Tony Moly's store

This is us Lol.. Parang natutulog lang... we look like Jayson of Jayson's goes to hell , but we felt heaven because we almost got a sleep while waiting for 30 minutes to remove the sheet and our face feels calm and cold. Love it. And I might buy another one again on pay day.

How about you? Have you tried it?

Saturday, June 2

Getting Lauder with End of Season Sale

I am a Get laud fan ever since and I got my first dress from Get Laud 168 branch in Divisoria, they have size from Petite to a big body like me. They only cater ladies apparel and they used a good fabric with their creations.

Now Get laud is hosting their End of season sale !!! Yehey!

Get Laud Won the al lot awards  and one of the best thing about Get laud, they use expandex fabric that gives good shape to your body. Most of the dress that I am using came from Get Laud, because its affordable and fits well with me.

So girls if you wants to grab this chance check there: www.facebook.com/getlaud and www.facebook.com/getlaudplus so that you can check the stores near you.