Tuesday, June 26

Get a sexy look with Wet n Wild Sugar Plum

Hi ladies, I would like to share to you my new lippie best friend. Like what I've mentioned before on this post  <-- click this, Wet n Wild was gone for a while but they're back with a new and amazing lipstick color.

Wet n wilk matte lipstick is definitely a good choice for me, because it has a long lasting effect and it never smudge. This cost 299php, wearable and can be match with different types of clothes. The first time I wear it, most of my colleague ask if I can buy one for them but unfortunately this color is so rare to be found. Like what the sales lady told me they're just getting stocks for this once in a year, I don't know how true it is but on the time I grab this there's only one left. I love it because it doesn't smell bad and you can consume it for a long time because once you apply it, you can wear it for the whole day. Here is me wearing this.

The lipstick really makes my face glow with out any additional make-up. So for those people interested of getting one. Try to visit SM Department stores.

Get this @
SM Megamall Department Store


  1. Great color! I have a similar one from NYX and a slightly darker shade from Avon. I love plum lipsticks :D

  2. Bakit kaya hindi sya available palagi. Baka kapag "fall-winter" lang. It looks so good on you. It's the type of plum na hindi nakaka-tanda and hindi nakaka-contrabida.

  3. the shade looks great on you! will try their lippies now. i wonder which shade suits me best

  4. That lipstick is a real make over! can lighten up the mood, too!

  5. like this! the shade looks good on you :)would try this soon :)
    Rovie, OASAP and FIRMOO giveaways on The Bargain Doll! :)

  6. I love the color. The color totally suits you! <3

  7. the shade looks really bright on you... it looks dull on other lips. ^_^

  8. Wow! This shade looks so good on you! :D I haven't tried wearing plum lipcolors out yet 'cause I don't think it suits me well, but I like Wet n Wild lippies! ^^

  9. I like it , I like the shade,It looks good on your lips

  10. This shade really looks good on you sweetie!

  11. wow!! love the shade of the lippie!!! :D it looks great and sexyyyy on you! <3
    love love it!! :D would definitely try this out someday :)

  12. Oooh that hue looks 'ravishing' haha :> I don't really look well in bold lipsticks but I'm willing to give this one a try :>

  13. The color looks lovely on you! Kinda looks like Lollipop in the Revlon Lip Butter line. :)

  14. The plum pigment suits you and you're right, it easily brightened your face. For P299, I think this lippie is a steal!

  15. The price is really worth it. Look goods on you. :)

  16. Hmm they have this shade pala from NYX sana na una kong nakita yun

  17. That's what I don't know. As long as may available grab lng ng grab kapag gusto ko e...

  18. They have a lot girl... the coral and red looks good on you

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