Friday, October 12

Product Review: NYX Matte Lipstick in Angel, Sweet Pink and Shocking Pink

At long last I finally found my perfect Matte lipstick. Why I say its perfect? Because, it really suits me! Got a lot of compliment wearing these 3 lovely lipstick. Sorry if I can't post any FOTD wearing these lipstick, I have no time to take pictures of myself before going to work and this is one of my advance Christmas gift for  myself hehehe...  SO here's my 3 lovely new babies....

Angel and Sweet Pink
Angel and Sweet Pink is my everyday lipstick. I can wear them w/o any make up. And what I love about sweet pink, it has a touch of pink and violet. L♥ve it!

Shocking pink
I usually wear shocking pink with liquid eyeliner, mascara and if I am wearing bright color clothes, perfect match! Good thing Digital Traincase is just near in our place, I can easily go there and grab there lipsticks! Looking for affordable NYX Matte Lipstick, try to visit Digital Traincase or you can also browse there website.

Eton Corinthian Cyberpod
Beside Robinson Galleria


  1. Shocking pink indeed but I love the shade. Very dramatic. :) Angel is pretty too.

  2. Those are the colors that I love because they suit my skin tone.

  3. Ah, I will check these out. They look great! I love bright, bold colors! :)

    ~ Chrissy
    My Beauty Blog

  4. Lovely colors! <3 My cousin is addicted to these stuff too..

  5. You always get the best colors! Papaturo ako sayo hehehe...

  6. I want shocking pink ang ganda ng lang ng kulay. :)

  7. The light pink color is attractive, i love it to my lips.

  8. omg, i love the color of that shocking pink :D

  9. haven't tried any nyx matte lippies, but would soon love to try one soon :)

  10. both pinks are super pretty! I want! thanks for the swatches... ^_^

  11. Shocking pink looks shocking for my complexion sis. I'd go for it if I were lighter on the shade.

  12. I'm sure the ladies are gonna love it and it comes in different shades.

  13. I love NYX!! I only tried NYX matte shocking pink.. will definitely try other matte colors :)

  14. Oh my! These look super pretty! I'd love to get these NYX matte lippies if only my lips aren't dry as the desert! I usually veer away from matte lip products, but when I get my lips better, I'll make sure to get these in Angel and Sweet Pink! :)

  15. Nyx matte lipsticks are good quality even if theyre cheap and not as expensive as MAC! :) Great finds sobra!

    Followed you, sis!

    The Misty Mom


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