Friday, November 23

Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Certainly Red and Really Red

Another lipstick product review again?!! I know right and I still have a  lot to share lol. Actually I've been eyeing on MAC Russian Red and since it is still out of stock a month ago I just grab these two from Revlon.

Both color really looks good on me specially with out make up, you can even apply them to get to get another shades of red closes to Russian Red. Hehehe... Both Lipstick cost me 350 or 399 php. A good lipstick with a perfect price. For just one coat, you'll get the same lipstick shade of the actual lipstick it self, unlike the others, you have to put 2-3 coat to get it.

So how about you girls have you tried this na? And what do you think about their fire and ice?