Saturday, May 19

Mega Brand Sale is here with up to 70% OFF

Another Megra brands sales... Ow yes!!!  MCT Events Management will open their Megabrand sales on June 1-3, 2012 at the World wide Center  Pasay City.  This event will definitely give mommy's out there like me an option to buy some stuffs that is budget friendly and has a good quality.

This is a Back - to- school and a Mid year 3 day , this is up to 70% off discount for shoes, bags, gadgets, men’s and ladies’ fashion, sporting goods and accessories, personal care, perfumes, time pieces, eyewear, housewares and appliances.

A lot of top participating brand will participate on this event like Samsonite, Giordano, Luminox, Cole-Haan, Levi’s, Dockers, Hush Puppies, Sebago, Rudy Project, Nokia, Tefal, Dowell, Moulinex, Nike Golf, Slazenger, Elle, Wenger, Skechers, Bossini, Gola, Vans, Tomato, Parker, Puma etc.

And for RCBC Bankard Credit Cardholders and for the event partners there will be a soft selling on May 31 for the . The event will be officially open to the public on June 1 until June 3, from 10am to 9pm.

So what are you waiting for? mark you calendar now to get these affordable brands and there will be giveaways and raffle draws waiting for you.

The 3rd Megabrands Sale is organized by MCT Events Management in partnership with RCBC Bankard and Innovision Entertainment Production! With our media partners: The Manila Times, Business Mirror,, Lifestyle Network,,, and

Wednesday, May 9

Sweethestia's childish things

One of the childish part of me is these... buying cute stuff. It might be appropriate for some because of their age, but I can't stop my self not buying it and my daugther love it because she can use it. Just so you know I am a 80's baby and stationaries and these kind of stuff are hard to find and you can only bought it at Gift Gate or if you have relatives in Japan you can ask them to buy it for you, but today you can buy it every where.

These accesorries below are some of my old stuff that i am no longer using and i just grab this pictures at my pouppee account.  I bought some of these from Quiapo and SM Accesories kids section. :D

And these are my latest cute finds that i am using at home and at work.

Friday, May 4

Orange. My new relaxation color. Weird? but it's true

Last march i told myself that i'll be stopping buying nail polishes since i haven't finish most of them, but I break my rules when depression hits me again. I've been talking to my partner the whole day figuring out why bad things happen, i know it just a trial that God wants us to overcome. On this kind of EMO moment i either, eat, drink, shop or cry, but relaxation, meditation and speaking with positive people helps.

One relaxation that i did for today is to read the book "Secret", there are things on that book that helps me calm and realized something in life. If you think about Love everything will follow but this is not just about love regarding bf or gf, it is about  love for everything that you have, whether you have a lot or you don't have any.

But before the realization thingy happen I've dreamed about colors, I was inside a house full of calm people, everything is color blue, it made me smile and I feel safe like a child, but something tells me to go out and explore more. I open the door, step out and still blue is everywhere until I reach the blue gate and open it then  suddenly everything change, there I was standing under a tree in a backyard then i saw a house made of wood and every thing is Orange and on that moment I felt more happiness in me, strong energy and I feel free. And this is the reason why everytime I see a color orange it relaxes me & it encourage me to buy this.

This is not Red, it is Red-Orange lol. BNC or Daewon Cosmetics #414 for Php80.00. The reason why i bought this is because I want to see a color Orange where ever i go. If you want to try BNC nail color, you can go to Carpher Nail Art at Robinsons Galleria.

So how about you, got a dream about colors too?

Wednesday, May 2

My pimple fighting routine this summer.

I know summer is fun under the sun but it irrates us because acne and  pimples are always there to ruin your day. Warmer temperature which brings sweat can trigger pimples and acne to come out that's why on these type of pimple nightmare i am so so ready. Of course simple routine and so stuffs to bring while travelling is included, washing your face, removing make-up, bringing handkerchief or tissue to remove those sweats in your face and a hand fan while travelling.

So me of us really go to SPA to have a facial spa and going to their favorite dermatologist to get rid of those party pooper pimples, but for me pimples can be stop if you'll prevent it. " Prevention is better that cure." So let me share to you my non-expensive pimple fighting products.

Once i got home i always wash my face with cold water, because it calms my skin and if i have a makeup removing it  is my 1st priority but make sure to take a rest for at least 5min before washing your face then i use these 2 products:

Php. 85.00

Php. 35.00
These 2 product are very affordable and it is more practical to have skin care routine than having a expensive weekly/monthly facial. One of the big factor why i bought is the product is because of the salicylic acid content, it really heals pimples. I always follow the cleanse, tone and moisturize routine.

How about you, got a party pooper pimples?