Friday, February 22

Belle de Jour 2013

At last I got my Belle de Jour lifestyle card. :) and I got my BDJ power planner last December after I got my Starbucks Planner, a lot of planner huh?... I love to write with pen and paper and I don't know why, I love collecting pen and stationary w/c my daughter supports me because she can use it and play with it.  I write a lot of things from the simplest and to the crazies day of my life and what I love about BDJ planner is that, they have a lot of surprise things for us girls, beside of the discount coupon, this planner will keep you organized with your plans and I love their quotes and tips. I love the cash flow and the Checklist section, nakaka challenge. So here is my BDJ planner and card.

I know some of you girls already have your planner na but have you got your card already? and have you used it na?

Wednesday, February 20

Jocarste Nail Polish

Hello everyone, I just want  to share a new found polish that I bought 2 months ago at Watson, Eastwood amd I don't know if you've heard about this.

This polish only cost Php.39.00 each, quick dry and I love it's wide brush which helps me apply this easily. But I was wondering why they stop selling it in Watson.  So how about you guys, have you tried it na?