Friday, February 22

Belle de Jour 2013

At last I got my Belle de Jour lifestyle card. :) and I got my BDJ power planner last December after I got my Starbucks Planner, a lot of planner huh?... I love to write with pen and paper and I don't know why, I love collecting pen and stationary w/c my daughter supports me because she can use it and play with it.  I write a lot of things from the simplest and to the crazies day of my life and what I love about BDJ planner is that, they have a lot of surprise things for us girls, beside of the discount coupon, this planner will keep you organized with your plans and I love their quotes and tips. I love the cash flow and the Checklist section, nakaka challenge. So here is my BDJ planner and card.

I know some of you girls already have your planner na but have you got your card already? and have you used it na?

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